Tuna aka Wayno, George Jung’s best friend

Not much is known about Tuna, the childhood friend of George Jung. Even his real full name is unknown. We only know that his first name is Wayno… At least, this is what we know from the book and movie about George’s life. But what if we dug a little further in George’s past? We know that George graduated from Weymouth High School in 1961. Proof of this can be found on Weymouth High School’s website, since the names of the 1961 alumni are publicly available. This is interesting, because we know that George and Tuna were high school buddies and graduated together! While checking the names of the other 1961 alumni, one name in particular caught our attention: Paul Wayne Thomas. Could he be Tuna? Maybe, probably… Although we don’t have any real evidence to proof this assumption… So, let’s just stick with the name Tuna for now…

George and Tuna grew up in Weymouth together, but as young adults they moved to Long Beach, California together, where they started dealing marijuana. Their business gets very successful when they discover that there is an enormous market for pot (and much higher prices) back at home in Boston. They start making a lot of money by smuggling marijuana from California back to the East Coast. When demand grows, they decide to start buying the marijuana directly in Mexico from a local contact.

What happened to Tuna after George got involved in the Medellin Cartel (and eventually got arrested) remains unclear. Some sources say that he stayed in Mexico for a couple of years. And eventually moved back to Weymouth where he is living until this day. Other sources mention that he got arrested in New England sometime in September 2006. According to this source, he was collecting money for a container of marijuana, shipped from Mexico. This source doesn’t mention if he is still in jail or a free man today.

If somebody can shed some more light on the whereabouts of Tuna, we would definitely be happy to hear. Feel free to contact us. We will handle any information that we receive with the highest level of privacy.