Richard Barile

richard barileGeorge Jung met Richard Barile for the first time after he moved from Boston to California. Barile was at that moment the most popular male hairdresser on Manhattan Beach and probably also it’s biggest supplier of marijuana. Using his Mexican smuggler connections, Barile was able to supply large quantities of soft drugs and George knew exactly were the demand was: back home on the East Coast! Smuggling marijuana hidden in the luggage of a stewardess friend, George started making more money then he had ever seen in his life. And Richard Barile’s connections were happy to increase their supplies of marijuana.
Becoming real business men, Richard Barile and George Jung concluded however that they were taking a lot of risks, while their suppliers were making the big bucks. This has to stop and soon Jung and Barile crossed the border with Mexico to find their own source of cheap marijuana. They succeeded to make a very lucrative deal with some local farmers and started flying in the drugs to California with a small private (and stolen!) airplane. From there, George drove several camper cars back to the East Coast, fully packed with cannabis.

Richard Barile and the Medellin Cartel

Later on, when Jung and his new business partner Carlos Lehder started smuggling cocaine for the Medellin Cartel, Richard Barile got involved in the trade as well, distributing the drugs on the West Coat. Initially Jung kept the identity of Barile a secret to his new found partner Carlos Lehder. But eventually, under pressure of Lehder, Jung introduced both of them and got betrayed by them later on, cutting him out of the cocaine trade.

When the war on drugs intensified, first Jung and after Lehder got arrested on different drug smuggling accusations. Soon after, the Medillin Cartel collapsed with the death of Pablo Escobar.

Together with other members of the Medellin Cartel, Richard Barile got prosecuted as well on charges of the distribution of drugs in the United States.

Derek Foreal

In the movie “Blow”, Richard Barile is portrayed under a fictional name which is Derek Foreal. The reason behind this is unclear. But it may be a personal request of George Jung, since both names of his former partners who betrayed him were banned from the movie.