Mirtha Jung, George Jung’s wife

Penelope Cruz as Mirtha Jung in the movie BlowMirtha Jung became George Jung’s wife during his years as a smuggler for the Medellin cartel. Mirtha has Colombian roots, so it’s probably fair to assume that George met her through one of his Colombian cocaine contacts. It the movie Blow, Mirtha is portrayed as being the girlfriend of one of George’s smuggling partners from who he steal her away. Soon after this, Mirtha and George get married and she gets pregnant of their one and only daughter Kristina Jung.

Mirtha Jung in the movie Blow

In the movie Blow, the role of Mirtha Jung is played by Penelope Cruz, who did an amazing job to portray her as a strong and independent woman. However, the movie also shows that Mirtha is addicted to cocaine, which results in several fights with George, problems in parenting her daughter and taking some bad decisions.

The movie shows for example that George ends up in prison because of her. According to the movie George decides that he and Mirtha should stay clean after the birth of his daughter. He stops smuggling and breaks all contact with his former cocaine partners. For five years, this works out well, give or take a couple of fights. But when it’s George’s 38th birthday, Mirtha decides to invite all his past smuggling friends. It’s at this party that the FBI and DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) arrest George for the possession of cocaine in his own home in Eastham (Cape Cod). After this arrest, George pays bail and he leaves the country. They both live as fugitives without much money, since his bank account at the Panama bank was seized as well.

A second time, George ends up in prison again after a fight with Mirtha. The movie show how they have a big fight while driving. The police stops them and Mirtha tells them that George is a fugitive and that there is a big load of cocaine hidden in the trunk of the car. George is send to prison again for 3 years. During this time, Mirtha decides to divorce him.¬†She takes custody over their daughter Kristina and George didn’t see both of them again until he was released from prison. After that, George has a hard time to get in touch with his daughter again and gain her trust.

Facts or fiction

It’s unclear if these parts of the movie are based on facts or that it is pure fiction to give some extra color to the movie. There’s not much that we know about Mirtha’s past. However, in 2001 Ted Demme talked about the real Mirtha in an interview, saying that she has been clean from cocaine for 20 years.

“Mirtha Jung has been clean for 20 years,” Demme said. “She’s very brave for getting out of that lifestyle and protecting her daughter.”

The original article was published on the North Texas Daily website, but it’s currently not available anymore. Let’s hope that the article is based on true facts and that Mirtha is still doing well. Since the person interviewed, Ted Demme, is the director of the movie Blow, I think it’s fair to assume that the quote is real.