Kristina Sunshine Jung – George Jung’s daughter

Kristina Jung in Blow (played by Emma Roberts)Kristina Sunshine Jung is the daughter of George Jung. The picture on your left doesn’t show the real Kristina Jung, but her character in the movie Blow, played by Emma Roberts who was a child movie star at the time.
There’s not so much that we know about Kristina Jung. She is very low profile and it’s unclear if the information that we gathered are facts or just rumors. Please keep this in mind while reading on.

Kristina’s exact birth date is unknown, but we do know that she was born during George’s smuggling years for the Medellin cartel. Probably she was born around 1986.

When she was only one years old, George got arrested by the DEA at a party in his home. They found enough drugs to put him in jail for a 10 years mandatory sentence. So he decided to flee the country during his bail time. He planned to start a new live with his family in Colombia, but got arrested again when flying in one last load of drugs. Het got betrayed by the pilot who was working for the DEA and that was the end of it. George never saw his daughter again.

It is said that Kristina Jung is currently living in California together with her husband and children.

Did Kristina Jung visit her father in prison?

While in prison, George tried to get in tough with his daughter several times, but it is unclear if she ever visited him in prison. According to George’s Myspace profile, it is still his wish to meet his daughter one day. Although some other sources say that Kristina visited her father in prison in the spring of 2002, when she must have said that she was sorry that she didn’t visit any sooner. Let’s hope that this last story is true and that she brought a lot of happiness in George’s life.

Kristina Jung in Blow

As mentioned before, the role of Kristina Jung in the biopic Blow was played by Emma Roberts. Being a child star, this was Emma’s first hit movie, but soon more would follow. Later on, she had roles in “America’s Sweethearts”, “Valentine’s Day”, “Scream 4” and many others. Also nice to know is that she is the niece of Julia Roberts, the oscar winner movie star and the daughter of Eric Roberts who was nominated for an oscar as well.

Blow Easter Egg

When scanning the credits at the end of the movie Blow, you will notice that Kristina Jung’s name is mentioned as playing the role of clerk at a bank. However the scene that she played never made the final movie, but when buying the DVD, you can watch the scene in the ‘Special and deleted scenes’ on the second DVD. This is a very nice easter egg in the movie Blow, which not so many people know.

It would be nice if we could know a little bit more about Kristina, but first of all we have to respect her privacy. We do hope that George and her are back in touch and that somehow they can make up for all the lost years together.