George Jung release date

Apart from the George Jung Wiki page, there is not so much information available about him. That’s why we started this website. For example, we often hear the following question: Is George Jung still alive? The answer is that he’s certainly still alive and kicking! In fact, this year on August 6th we will celebrate George Jung’s birthday! And it’s not just a regular birthday, it will be his 70th birthday!

prison release dateSadly enough, George will probably have to celebrate his 70th birthday in prison since his projected release date is only around Thanksgiving in November 2014. We put a timer widget on our homepage to keep track of George’s upcoming release in about one and a half year now.

The last time that George could leave prison for a couple of days was earlier this year when doctors noticed a potentially cancerous mole on his face. George was then permitted a temporary release so that doctors could remove this mole from his now. Right after the procedure he had to go right back to prison. Let’s hope that the cancer was removed completely and that George will stay in good health.